About me. Про мене

I am Ukrainian crafty girl living in Canada with my family since 2005. I have three beautiful children: two boys (13 and 6) and a little girl (4). They are my inspiration in everything I do, especially in crafting.
I can't imagine my life without my family, crafts, books and music. I started making cards in 2009. Before card making I did a lot of cross-stitching and some beading as well.
First I was fascinated with paper embroidery and from that I moved to making cards and fell in love with stamp colouring. I enjoy making CAS cards, it is definitely MY style.
Card making is my stress relief and when I make a card I like to follow my mood, follow inspiration that comes from the paper, from the stamp, from the weather outside or music I listen.
My first personal record: In 2011 I made about 350 cards and that is a lot taking that I was working full time and had a third baby in June. I just love all the fun and pleasure that comes with creativity. Feels like I never grew up. Little girl playing with her pretty papers, inks, stamps and dies... :)
Card making is not my only passion. I love books. My best kind of morning is a slow morning with a cup of hot tea and a good book.
As a homeschooling mom I don't have a lot of free time, but when I do it is always thanks to my husband who understands me so well and knows I need 'me-time' like air.
He doesn't share my passion for crafts, but we both love books. For our first date we went to a book trade fair, and still love to go to bookstores for a date. Just buy some coffee and walk around checking different books in pretty much every part of the store.
Same with music. We love listening to all kinds and styles of music and go to concerts and festivals together.
Crafting is my oasis, a place where I can catch a breath when life gets too crazy and where I can "recharge" and go back to everyday life full of energy. Making pretty things makes me happy. :)


Я львів'янка, але так склалося, що з 2005 року живу разом із сім'єю в столиці Канади, Оттаві. Скрапом зацікавилася саме тут, у 2010 році. Мій роман із папером почався із зацікавлення ізониткою, а згодом я почала робити листівки в різних стилях. Маю троє діток, які займають майже увесь мій час, але завдяки коханому чоловікові завжди знаходиться час для мого улюбленого хобі: скрапу та вишивки (хоча на останню, на жаль, постійно бракує часу). Люблю творити в стилі чисто й просто, люблю експериментувати. Коханий чоловік є першим критиком моїх робіт, а другим - мій найстарший син. Мені завжди приємно чути, як він каже іншим, що його мама - митець. Скрап є моїм порятунком від стресу й хандри, моїм часом для себе, моєю оазою. Окрім рукоділля дуже люблю готувати щось небуденне, читати книжки та слухати гарну музику.

Me / Я

My family / Моя сім'я

My Kids / Мої дітки

Darko / Дарій

Nathaniel Joachim / Натанаїл Йоаким

Melania Ivanna / Меланія Іванна


  1. Такі гарні діточки у вас!!!!

  2. А як зараз здоров"ячко Меласі?

  3. You have gorgeous family, Liliuska. :-D Reading about you made me chuckle... My partner and I also went to a book trade fair on our first date. And that was the best date EVER!! :-D

  4. Красивая семья! Детки-родительская гордость!

  5. Які Ви всі гарні!!! Щастя Вам!!!

  6. I hate to contact you on your personal blog, but I am at a loss as to getting in touch with Studio Katia. Over the last week and a half, I have emailed them, contacted them through their "contact us" form on the website, and even left a message on facebook, to no avail. It is about an order that I received which is wrong, and I really want to get it straigtened out. Can you help me please? How do I reach them? I can be reached at aplaceforkia@gmail.com. Thanking you in advance, Kia


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