Embroidery on Paper. Detailed Tutorial

Embroidery on paper. Master Class on how to make an embroidered card like the one below.
This tutorial I wrote when just started to make embroidered cards. I hope you'll find it useful!

You will need:

- paper or blank cards
- embroidery thread
- small needle
- pin for making holes
- big scissors
- small scissors (optional)
- ruler (optional)
- pattern (you can make your own patter, look for free patterns or buy them online)

I used this kind of thread.

If you're not using blank cards, make a card out of paper you've chosen. You can fold it at the beginning or at the very end of this process. After you make few cards, you will know what's best for you.

Using pins to hold your patterns in one place on the future card, prick holes. Don't forget about protecting your table surface and using something thiсk and soft.

When you're done, hold your card with patterns to the light and check if you missed any hole. Fix all the missing parts, if you did.

Now remove your pattern. Here's how your card should look at this point. Now we can start embroidery part.


1st heart.
Create a knot at one end of your thread. Go through "first" hole of the design (usually they are marked on the pattern) and go into 12th hole (number of holes you should skip is usually marked on the pattern as well).

If your thread finishes before you have completed stitching, pull it to the other side (you can use sticky tape to hold an end of the thread or slip the end under stitches and make a knot).
Continue working same way clockwise by going out (from reverse side) into next hole after the 12th, and in (from front side) into next hole after 1st and so on.

So if you go out through 1, you'll go in through 12, out 13 - in 2, out 3 - in 14, out 15 - in 4, out 5 - in 16, out 17 - in 6, out 7 - in 18...... out 23 - in 12, out 13 - in 24......

Reverse side should look neat, no long stitches (unless necessary). I made one long so you can compare how short and long look. If reverse side looks "messy" it means you made mistakes in stitching.

Make 2nd heart in the same way.

For the leaves we do not count first and twelfth holes but rather pick the furthest two across.

Everything is made in a similar pattern.

And clockwise.

Check if you're making everything right by looking on your reverse side. It should look nice.

Leaf is complete.

Middle of the flower is a regular snowflake, so I won't describe how to make it, it's easy to figure out.

Petals are worked in a similar fashion. Out through hole 1 and into an across hole. .

Work clockwise as before. Same way for all the petals.

Reverse side won't look nice after you finish stitching, so look for ways to hide it.

I used very thin paper in matching color. And attached it using double-sided tape.

Everything is nicely hidden and since the paper is very thin it didn't add to much weight to the card.

And there you have it.
You can also use embroidered part to make a bigger card, nicer too.

I'll be grateful if you'd share links to cards you made using my tutorial.
Feel free to copy this material, although a link to my blog will be very appreciated. Thank you!



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